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The October 2023 LabCoP Diagnostic Network Optimisation (DNO) Sub-CoP EHO Session was held in conjunction with the Kenya Ministry of Health and partners on integrated DNO. The session provided an overview of the integrated DNO conducted in Kenya to improve access to testing for tuberculosis (TB), HIV and human papillomavirus (HPV). Please follow the links here to view the session recording and download the presentation slides.

April 2023 ECHO session of the ASLM-FIND sub-community of practice on DNO: integrating TB and HIV testing on GeneXpert to improve access in Zambia

Strengthening health systems through essential diagnostic lists and diagnostic network optimization

Diagnostics are an essential part of healthcare systems. We need diagnostics to confirm diseases, determine drug resistance, guide and monitor treatment, and for the surveillance of outbreaks. Universal health coverage cannot be achieved without ensuring that people have timely access to quality diagnostic services at all levels of the health system, without experiencing financial hardship.